Justin Dehn


Born in 1983
Raised in Minneapolis, MN



I'm Justin, but better known as JD. I love video and anything relating to creative direction. I had a 'habit' of writing early on as a quick means to escape reality at the time. No, life wasn't bad, it was just boring. So, I took a pen to a pad and went to town. What started as a 'habit', turned to extreme passion when I met the right people who helped me bring script to screen as writer/producer for the first time in 2008. Having the ability to foster an environment in which the creative talents of the cast and crew can flourish, really sets you and your team up for success. You can check out that project and others by clicking my YouTube icon below.


I'd say my biggest attribute is common sense. I'm a great communicator and can respectively interact and coordinate between clients, staff, & freelance crew all while keeping a positive vibe alive. I like to think of myself as one that doesn't say "It can't be done," but rather "I'll find a way to get it done - on time and within budget."


If you have a project you think you'd like to hire me for, or you need to add a bit of reasonably abstract creative production/direction to your team, drop me a line. Maybe we can Picasso this thing together.